A space where we all work collaboratively to address everyday communication issues towards solutions to life’s complex challenges. We believe that by working together, we can increase each other’s sense of fulfilment and community—and by doing so, improve the condition of society as a whole.

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An organisation that aims to use our various platforms to work together in efforts to resolving the social ills that have plagued our society.


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How do we do this?

We achieve this by using the SYT Philosophy and the SYT Pillars which aid us in discovering our Purpose, having a clear Vision and committing to Service. We have various products that have been created to inspire and encourage us all to take full responsibility of our lives, discover our truth and live in that truth.

Our product range consists of a curriculum for basic and higher education, corporate and a social program.

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Basic Education

(Basic Education, grade 8 – 12)

The key moments of development all lie in the foundation phase. Tackling social issues therefore in this phase gives everyone an upper hand in the ultimate goal of having upstanding members of society

Higher Education

(University/TVET College)

Our mission is to inspire the youth to act, to create a well needed change that will result in a better tomorrow. A tomorrow that is worth waking up to. Not just for some, but for all.

Social Program

(Teens, Young Adults, Adults)

With more and more well-meaning parents stymied by the challenging workplace/career demands required to provide the child-student’s young one’s food/clothing/shelter, there is often too little time or energy left for such parents to adequately address the needs of the young one’s other personaldevelopmental intangibles.

SYT Corprate Program

(Level 1 – 3)

With growing anxieties in the working environments caused by factors in and outside our working spaces. SYT Corporate program is here to deliver a solution that talks to our wellness as we pursue to be of service to our organisations, communities and beyond.

Three-tiers of self-realization




Books from the author


As life takes us through its rapids, avalanches, and ups and downs, we continue to strive for strength, because behind every great achievement lies a challenge overcome.

Where Have I Been

I have been over, under, around and through, just to do what I needed to do. The big, the small, I silently celebrated. The popular, the unpopular, I “alonesomely” acknowledged, in doing just what I needed to do.

The Dawn

When I took a survey on my life – the happenings on my journey, Teenage Stage, Young Adult Stage and Adult Stage, I am amazed of the boundless and measureless, the depth and strength of a human spirit.

Beyond The Vision

Gates of my soul flung open, as I finally touch the naked body of my vision. Stand Your Truth and its offerings. Now, what? You found it, (Purpose) you stood it, (Vision) now it is time to live it (Service). A time to serve.

7Letters 7Years

It is very difficult to be in a position to see what others cannot see, and it takes a different kind of strength to pursue what you saw, that vision.


I find it a good metaphor for my life thus far. We all have a unique voice inside of us which we have to find an outlet for. When we are born we are not given a manual to life, so it is really trial and error but if you stand your truth, lean on your purpose as you build on your aspirations in contribution to this world in service, then, you can be fulfilled.

– Mandisa Mndela