Adults Wealthy & Wise Workbook


Clear Communication.
Truthfully & Lovingly Support.
Impart Wisdom with Ease.

AWW is a community, an arear of engagement for adults seeking to lead, teach and guide their teenagers with truth and love. It’s a community for those who want to leave the next generation more than a financial inheritance—for those who wish to help our young people gain the wisdom and wealth of spirit needed to be future leaders.

Adults Wealthy and Wise is for adults who want to positively impact young ones, and through them, the world.

Adults Wealthy and Wise:

  • Confidently provide discipline and boundaries.
  • Discover their needs.
  • Learn to be truthfully yet lovingly supportive.
  • And finally… impart your wisdom with EASE!

Being an adult in this day has its challenges, but remember: you don’t have to face them alone.

Why should I join the Conversation?
AWW will help you open the lines of communication with your young people, and will enable you to leave your wisdom and legacy in capable hands. Not only will this be fulfilling to you, it will also be the most precious gift you could pass on to anyone.

AWW is a community of adults wealthy in soul and spirit, adults who are full of wisdom and who are ready to empower the younger generation.

It’s time to repair the communication breakdown with our young people and reach out to them in a language they understand. Become a part of the conversation, meet like-minded people and learn new solutions for solid communication with your young ones.

Join the conversation today, and enjoy a solid relationship with your young ones.