Beyond The Vision


Gates of my soul flung open, as I finally touch the naked body of my vision. Stand Your Truth and its offerings. Now, what? You found it, (Purpose) you stood it, (Vision) now it is time to live it (Service). A time to serve.

Big question, who are you serving? Are they ready to be served? I am amazed at every revelation, on how far what ever we have ever built has led us to. How much energy we have spent supporting a system that has never served us nor had ever had any intention to do so.

The thought that, one cannot force anyone to comprehend a message they are not ready to receive, keep popping up in my head, evoking thoughts of fear, but the complementing idea of the fact that one must still never underestimate the power of planting a seed keeps me going. I just had to give as much energy to my dreams, my vision in action as I do to my fears.

We talk poverty, economic crisis, global warming, the list is endless, blanketed by a wild fire of social ills. One sits and ask oneself, how did we get here, when we all claim smartness, when we all scholars of note, when we all specialists, produced by a made up ‘system’, which is a concoction of religion, education, and politics with a cherry on top of something called ‘marriage’ to sweeten it. All of these, their fiber extracted from the body of knowledge. Was this system designed to educate us, guide us or was it a tool to lead us to another human disaster? Who is benefitting of this? At what cost?