Stand Your Truth

A powerhouse of life Skills, Youth Development and Community Development

The STAND Life Skills proposes to be a comprehensive addendum to the educational system whereby Stand Your Truth will render a systematic approach to igniting the internal- imagination of students at all levels of the educational spectrum.

The STAND Life Skills will be committed to impacting the lives of students through the development and implementation of life skills which emphasize the value of internal fortitude and self-worth, ultimately spearheading a movement of young leaders who act as change agents for their local and greater community societies.

Mirroring a higher-educational incubator, STAND will provide an environment for youth to discuss, learn and effect change within themselves, which ultimately will arm students with the capacity to effect change in the world beyond.

Stand Your Truth goal is to increase emphasis on development of personal well-being, including self-worth. Balance in life among personal care, work and play that leads to satisfaction and personal growth which enables further positive impact on society.

Clear Communication
Solid Relationships
Healthy Society